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Here you can read different stories

Stories based on imagination, stories for teenagers, stories to learn mathematics, science, explanatory stories and values based educational stories.

Oh! You can read stories and other details of stories here. We have put the stories here based with certain objectives.

We are presenting to you the stories, songs and activities which will make your learning process and teaching work more interesting. These stories are very helpful in making whole process of teaching interesting. You can tell these stories or with reference to the given stories you may create your own stories and tell students. This is very useful literature for the new learner and readers as is been written in very different manner and advanced era. Why it not possible to create a new story according to the local situations after reading the story from here? The creators of these stories, songs and rhymes are all teachers. Can we create the illustration for the same ? Some objectives get clear either directly or indirectly from these stories.

Apart from language education, there are such subjects like mathematics, science, environment can also be used. Some stories given here makes mathematics interesting not boring and gives new identity to the subject 'Maths'. Use the methods of stories and details in the class and give them assignments to make mathematics interesting.

These stories are not specially for any standard and anyways, stories cannot belong to one particular student of any standard. With the particular objective these stories can be used with the students of different age groups. Any kid with the age of 6 or 7 can find the known or unknown alphabet from these stories; else we can make them find it. Let the child read or write the word that starts with special vowels or consonants. If the student's age group is 10 to 12 years then, ask them to finish half of a story you told. Here we have given some ideas, and you can add yours as well. You must have tried to write stories.

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