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Mobile technology based discussion forum was started under the Educational Innovations Bank project for the teachers and school management committee members to have a platform to exchange information pertaining to education and their innovations.

The overall principal outcome envisaged in this initiative is to create a technology based open resource platform for exchange of information to resolve problems in primary education and simultaneously improve quality of education through peer learning.

With the help of this forum teachers and members of S.M.C stays updated by getting regular information about the innovations done by government primary school teachers and School Management Committee Members and related matters which helps them to improve the quality of primary education. In this forum the questions are posed pertaining to matters related to education either directly or indirectly. Teachers and S.M.C members' respond to the questions posed and alsopresent their views on the different issues as well.


  • At an interval of every 10 days in a month,one question is being asked through SMS which contains a Google form which has description.
  • Teachers and S.M.C members both have different forms. SMS (Short Message Service) method is being used to send google form link.
  • Teachers and S.M.C members present their views in the form and submit the answer.

  • All the submitted answers/responses are compiled and analysed at EI-Bank.


  • Teachers and S.M.C member get a letter of appreciation for scoring 15 points for answering one question along with analysis of the responses.
  • In each and every question they get to know about different innovative activities and also get other useful information to improve the quality of education.
  • From the mentioned analysis in the letters, members get know about innovative ideas and how to use it to improve quality education.
  • IIM Ahmedabad awards certificate to those members who have scored 150 points


To join the mobile discussion forum click on the link : https://goo.gl/Ql8w4Q