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Innovation Title : Application-based learning through setting up a Science Hut

Description - To enable students to learn the application of science, set up a Science Hut as a space to conduct various experiments    1. Arrive at a plan to build the Science Hut through discussion with school staff members. 2. Gather materials for the Science Hut and involve the students in building it. 3. Prepare a list of experiments to be done throughout the year. 4. Based on the experiments, set up the necessary equipments in the Science Hut. 5. Once the Science Hut has been set up, put up science charts and posters in the Hut. Also, put up newspaper clippings of interesting science news and pictures. 6. Divide students into group and appoint a group leader. 7. Group leader to allocate date and time of experiment to group members. 8. Start conducting scientific activities and experiments at the Science Hut. 9. Enable group leaders to guide their group members to conduct the experiments. 10. Organize activities such as dramas, exhibitions at the Science Hut. 11. Invite villagers to the Science Hut and conduct activities to dispel belief in superstitions. 12. Organize a Science Week and invite parents of students as well as other villagers to attend and view various science exhibits and experiments.   A space to conduct various experiments and activities related to science helps students learn the application of science, which builds up their problem-solving skills. Science is a powerful tool to fight against superstitions and a space like the Science Hut can be used to spread awareness amongst the community.   “The Science Curriculum must be used as an instrument for achieving social change in order to reduce the divide based on economic class, gender, caste, religion and region. “- NCF



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