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Innovation Title : Awareness of girls education: Increasing community involvement

Description - To improve enrolment and regularity of girl students, involve and spread awareness amongst the community through puppets, dramas, songs and stories.    1. Enact dramas, narrate stories and sing songs in the prayer assembly to spread awareness about girls education. 2. Principal to give lectures on girls education.  3. Take the support of SMC members and the Sarpanch to spread awareness in the community. 4. Hold a meeting with mothers to explain the importance of girls education. 5. Show videos prepared by the government and other agencies to students and parents outlining the advantages of girls’ education. 6. Use puppetry to spread awareness about the issue in the community. 7. Monitor girls enrolment and regularity.   Spreading awareness about girls education in the community helps create support mechanisms to ensure increased enrolment as well as regularity of girls.    



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