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Innovation Title : Creating 'learning spaces' in the classroom: Enhancing the learning environment

Description - To enhance students’ cognitive development, make the classroom child-friendly and conducive for learning by dividing the classroom in multiple learning spaces.    1. Set up a library corner in the classroom where students can read books freely. 2. Put up a notice board that has information about upcoming tests, birthdays, news and interesting facts. 3. Create a space to put student records, group projects, and weekly evaluations.  4. Create subject-based corners in the classroom such as bank corner, post corner, health centre, science corner etc. Keep charts and information related to that particular subject in the subject corner. 5. Attach a nameplate with the name of the student to each desk. Also, keep a pen-stand on each desk   A child-friendly classroom with easy access to different sources of knowledge encourages constructivism and higher-order thinking. The concept of dividing the classroom into spaces where different kinds of learning can take place results in a more conducive environment for education.     



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