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Innovation Title : Developing a sense of citizenship: Writing a letter to the Chief Minister

Description - To develop written communication skills and a sense of citizenship in the students, guide them to write a letter to the Chief Minister.    1. Teach students the format of writing a letter. 2. Give them letter-writing practice on various situations. 3. Organize an activity where students write a letter and post it to the teacher’s address. 4. Reply to children’s letters that have been posted to your house. 5. Explain the concept of democracy and citizenship to students. Also explain the position of Chief Minister. 6. Guide students to write individual letters to the Chief Minister of Gujarat. 7. As the teacher/principal, write a letter to the CM, requesting a reply and explaining the rationale behind the letters sent by students. 8. Post the letters to the Chief Minister. 9. If a reply is received from the Chief Minister:

  • Read it out in the prayer assembly.
  • Get copies made and distribute it amongst the students.
  • Gather villagers in school and read the letter to them.

Writing a letter to a senior government official helps students gain a deeper understanding of democracy, while at the same time, enables them to pick up written communication skills through application-based learning.






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