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Innovation Title : Improvement in quality of education through involvement of multiple stakeholders

Description - Improve the quality of education at the Taluka level by using data and preparing mechanisms to review and evaluate progress at school, cluster and block levels.    1. Use Gunotsav data to find areas of improvement. 2. Based on Gunostav guidelines for school infrastructure and teaching methodologies, prepare a monitoring framework for BRCs and CRCs. 3. Organize an internal Gunostav in the Taluka. 4. Based on both Gunostavs, prepare a list of weak schools. 5. Focus on providing guidance and support to the weak schools identified. 6. Set a target for each school to strive towards. 7. At the BRC level, organize a progress review with CRCs twice a month. Review work done by CRCs and give necessary guidance. 8. Organize meetings for Principals to meet together to reflect on the progress. 9. Give effective guidance focused on improving the quality of education to teachers during training sessions. 10. Set up an effective evaluation system to measure progress of all students from Grades 3-8. 11. Instruct teachers to identify and prepare a list of slow learners. 12. Take extra measures to help slow learners progress.   Equal involvement of stakeholders at different levels is crucial for successful implementation of a plan. Providing opportunities for CRCs and Principals to meet within their groups to reflect on group goals is important in creating a culture of collaboration and ownership for a shared goal.  



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