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Innovation Title : Incentive offered to increase student motivation to learn

Description - To motivate students to learn, offer them incentives such as creating a ‘magical’ chalk that students can win everyday based on number of spellings remembered.    1. Cut a chalk with your nail to create the shape of bed legs. 2. On the top part of the chalk, create the shape of a man’s head. Add eyes, nose and ears as well. 3. Use the creatively made chalk as an incentive for students to behave well in class. 4. Start an incentive scheme where the student who remembers the most number of spellings gets to take the ‘magical’ chalk home. 5. Write the names of the students on the board and track the number of spellings remembered by each of them.   Incentives are crucial for students to see the rationale in learning a particular concept. With incentives, students can visualise a tangible outcome for efforts put in, which increases their engagement and motivational levels.    



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