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Innovation Title : Incentivising regularity, hard work and good behaviour

Description - To motivate students to adopt and demonstrate certain positive qualities and behaviours, start an incentive program to award students based on qualities and behaviour exhibited.     1. Design an incentive scheme for the students. 2. Decide the criteria for awarding points. These can be:  

  • Presence= 10 points
  • Cleaning School= 10 points
  • Discipline In Class= 10 points
  • Class Work = 20 points
  • Cleanliness of Uniform= 10 points
  • Involvement in assembly= 20 points

3. Design attractive gift vouchers, which can be given to students based on the points accrued.

4. Buy different items to be given as gifts, based on the number of points accrued. These can be erasers, toothpaste, soap, toy, school bag, free picnic etc.

5. Set up a Raamhaat in school for students to buy gifts through their gift vouchers.

6. Select and train students to run the Raamhaat.

7. Inform students about the Student Encouragement Scheme and the rationale behind it.

8. Tell students about the different ways to earn points.

9. Give out gift vouchers to students based on points accrued.

10. Let students buy gifts from the Raamhaat based on the value of their gift vouchers.

11. Evaluate the effectiveness of the incentive program based on the following criteria:

  • Increased regularity and punctuality
  • Cleanliness of school
  • Increased discipline and involvement in extra-curricular activities
  • Cleanliness of uniform
  • Behaviour in the classroom
  • Qualities in which most points have been gained and qualities in which least points have been gained
  • Grade-wise and class-wise data

12. After evaluating the effectiveness of the incentive program, involve SMC members and other villagers in financing the project.

Incentives for positive behaviour helps students rationalise the necessity of demonstrating these behaviours in the school.

Awarding students based on pre-decided criteria eliminates arbitrariness and increases consistency in the teacher’s behaviour as well. 






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