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Innovation Title : Learner-centric methodology: Use of e-lessons in Gujarati

Description - To enable student-centred learning, give students opportunities to select what to learn and which media to use for learning.    1. Create a web page on Google sites. 2. Compile e-lessons of textbook chapters with the help of the internet. (In this case, Gujarati lessons were prepared. However, e-lessons can be prepared for other subjects as well.) 3. Make use of images, videos, text and audio in preparing the e-lessons. 4. Divide students into groups. 5. Connect the computer to the internet and project through a LCD screen. 6. Guide students through the process of using the different parts of the e-lessons. Show them how to select the chapter and the different types of media available such as images, audio, text etc. 7. In groups, give students independent learning time to use the e-lessons. 8. Students can select what to learn and type of multimedia for the selected content. 9. Evaluate students based on observation during lessons and through taking feedback.   E-lessons that combine the use of text, images, audio and video help make learning an interactive process and also cater to different forms of learners such as kinaesthetic, visual, auditory and tactile.   “ICT should be used in such a way that it becomes an opportunity equalizer, by providing information, communication and computing resources in remote areas. “- NCERT    



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