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Innovation Title : Linking learning to everyday experiences: Improving English vocabulary of students

Description -

To improve vocabulary and communication skills of students, link learning to their everyday experiences through using words given on wrappers of different products.

1. Teach words related to mobile phone functions: message, missed call, caller etc.

2. Teach words related to the computer: monitor, process, internet etc.

3. Teach words related to daily life: station, shop, garden etc.

4. Tell students to get wrappers of different products to class, such as

  • Cadbury chocolate
  • Balaji wafers
  • Colgate toothpaste
  • Soaps
  • Noodles

5. Help students identify different words on the wrapper.

6. Guide students in preparing a list of words on the wrappers.

7. Demonstrate how to find the meaning of the words using a dictionary.

8. Give students practice on finding meanings from the dictionary.

9. Teach students to create sentences using the words.

10. Give guidance on how to remember and use the words.

11. Evaluate students based on written tests and presentations.

Enabling students to learn from everyday  experiences and items will expand learning beyond the classroom and facilitate the process of independent learning. The use of wrappers of products that have reached even the more remote villages directly ties up the learning with everyday experiences of the child.


“The classroom needs to provide a print-rich environment, displaying signs, charts, workorganizing notices

etc., that promote ‘iconic’ recognition of the written symbols, in addition to teaching lettersound correspondences.“- 





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