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Innovation Title : Science Camp organized at the Cluster Level

Description -

 To provide opportunities to students from across schools in the cluster to understand scientific concepts practically, organize a Science Camp at the Cluster level.

1. Hold a meeting of Principals to decide the schedule and structure of the Science Camp.

2. Keep four stalls at the camp.

  • First stall: Different scientific equipments used for conducting experiments
  • Second stall: Models created by students and teachers
  • Third stall: Electronic equipments
  • Fourth stall: Math-Sci. TLMs, charts, models and puzzles

3. Allocate two science teachers to man each stall.

4. Invite schools as well as villagers to the Science Camp.

5. First, allow students to come in their school groups and to visit each stall one-by-one.

6. After the school groups have finished, provide an opportunity for teachers and villagers to view the exhibits and experiments in the stalls.

A Science Camp at the Cluster Level enables teachers to collaborate and learn from each other. It also ensures increased reach and impact.




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