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Innovation Title : Student-led learning and differentiated instruction

Description - To enable individualized attention to each student and to facilitate student-led learning, give laptops to each student with pre-installed educational programs    1. Give students laptops, which are connected to the main teacher laptop. (Teacher can see programs being run on each laptop). 2. Teach students the basic functions of the laptop such as  

  • Starting and exiting the system
  • Saving data
  • Typing
  • Preparing presentations etc.

3. In class, run the necessary educational program on the student laptop through the server laptop.

4. Monitor the progress of different students through the server laptopand guide when required. 5. Allow students to take the laptop home once a month to explore different functions. 6. Give students projects that require the use of the computer. 7. Tell students to present their project work with the use of presentations.   Individualized learning, with the help of technology, enables students to learn at their own pace, thereby enhancing effectiveness of instruction   “Innovative pedagogies should be implemented in the classroom, including those that leverage technology in the classroom.”- Planning Commission Opportunities for individualized learning        



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