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Innovation Title : Teaching and Learning Material for independent learning in Maths

Description - 1. The Teaching and Learning Material developed for Maths consists of six parts. 2. Part A is for reading and writing numbers from 1 to 100. There is also a system in place for students to find place value from 1 to 10000000. The TLM also allows students to find preceding and succeeding numbers. 3. Part B consists of basic concepts of Geometry for grades 1-7. 4. Part C is Algebra. 5. Part D is a Flannel Board and White Board. Here, students can do sums easily. An Abacus has also been created, to teach Vedic Maths.  6. Part E is games. Here, students can practice addition, subtraction and multiplication etc. using dice. 7. In Part F there are basic concepts of square, square root, cube and cube root. There are different samples of Weight, money, cylindrical, cube and different small models, games and activities.    A TLM that enables students to learn independently and through different methods increases their sense of enquiry and develops higher-order and critical thinking skills.    



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