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Innovation Title : Technology-aided learning to increase student engagement

Description - To increase student engagement and retention of content, create short films based on topics being taught.    1. Prepare a short script based on the lesson being taught. 2. Prepare a list of characters in the story. 3. Collect relevant pictures based on the lesson. 4. Shoot relevant clips in the village to include in the film. 5. Compile the text, pictures and video clips into one film. 6. Involve students in giving the voice-over for different characters. 7. Add any effects if required and create the final movie. 8. Show the movie in class and gauge the interest levels of the students and take their feedback. 9. Involve a different set of students for giving the voice-over next time and also take students along while shooting clips in the village.   Involving students in creation of classroom content increases retention as well as gives them a sense of ownership over what is being taught.    



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