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Innovation Title : Technology aided-learning: Developing TLMs and organizing quizzes

Description - To increase student engagement and retention, use technology to compile different resources for the topics and organize activities such as quizzes.    1. Compile resources for social science topics from the internet. Download relevant videos and pictures. 2. Prepare PowerPoint presentations for topics being taught, using the compiled resources. 3. Prepare projects, charts and models for difficult topics. 4. Compile a list of questions from across different chapters. Give options for each question. 5. Organize a quiz competition for students. Divide students into five groups for this purpose. 6. Name each group after a freedom fighter  7. Rules of the game:  

  • 20 Points for answering without options
  • 10 points for answering with options
  • -5 for the wrong answer


8. Encourage all the participating teams and give an award to the winning team.

Using technology in compiling and presenting information to students enhances their learning experience. Quizzes act as platforms to develop critical thinking in students. 

“Given the growing reach of the technology, it is imperative that efforts are initiated to utilize ICT at the school level to prepare children to face the challenges of a society that is fast transforming into an information driven society. “- NCERT







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