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Innovation List

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To prevent irregularities of children

Children avoids to come at school on Saturday. With the help of the entire staff, we check out for activities of their greatest interest. We decided to organize Cricket match on every Saturday. At the starting period of the experiment more times are given to play the game. After this, ...

Make irregular children to come to school regularly

If Students come late in school then we are talking with them about their interests. Regular students get roses in assembly hall. Students are appreciated who have good hand writing. Because of all these things students are come to school. By extra activities students are love to stay at school ...

Students' absence

To make students regular in the class, teacher askem them to write about "My School' within an hour. Students interestingly wrote about their likes and dislikes about the school and the best answers were showed to the class. Parents meeting was held to make them understand if irregular students can ...

Contacting parents for attendance

To make students regular, parents were personally contacted by teachers before and after school time to make them understand importance of school and specially girls' education.Pencils, erasors and notebooks were provided to them as an incentive to attend the school regularly.

Increasing regularity

Students were irregular in attending the class because of carelessness of their parents. They used to leave children home. Teachers conducted personal visits to their home in evenings and information on education importance was provided to them. As a result, attendance ratio of students increased afterwords.

Communication plan

A Communication Plan was created so as to make it easier to get in touch with parents. A database of student names, parents names and mobile numbers was created. Whenever students were absent, parents were contacted directly.

Increasing attendance

To increase attendance during the prayer ceremony, it was decided to celebrate students' birthdays in the assembly. The student would blow out a candle kept on the table and a crown would be placed on his head. All the students in the assembly would sing happy birthday and wish him. ...

Increasing regularity by contacting parents

The teachers went to meet the parents and listened to the parents' problems patiently. They convinced the parents to send their children to school by making arrangements for the younger siblings to attend an anganwadi. Parents were explained the advantages of doing this. After this, children started coming to school ...

Increasing regularity through home visits.

The teacher visited the houes of the irregular students and explained the importance of a 'pragya' class to them. Students were motivated to come to school. A meeting of the SMC members was called. Parents of irregular students were exorted to send their children to school. They were explained about ...

Increasing attendance

Students came from a slum area. Their parents were out working the entire day and did not time to pay attention to their children. They did not give clear and strict instructions to their children to attend school. As a result, students remained absent when they felt like it. The ...