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Innovation List

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Awareness for the use of natural resources

As the part of the process, lectures were given to students on the importance of natural resource use and also revealed an importance of reprocessing energy sources. And also, given knowledge about why it needs to decrease use of wood for energy.

Guidance about health and enviornment

It was a river nearby school. Teacher took students to there and he gave detailed information about polluted water. In his school, children were suffering from skin disease. Teacher asked them how the skin related disease happened to them? Students answered him that they used to do bath, they drunk ...

Live Pictuers

Teacher had native place in Gandhinagar. Teacher went there in week end. Teacher thought that he would capture pictures of such places and would show it to students. Teacher would had clicked pictures of Indroda park, Mahatma mandir, Vidhan sabha etc. Teacher showed such pictures to students in classroom. They ...

Plantation activity

Teacher gave detailed information about plantation activity to students. Teacher taught them how to plant, how to maintain it, which type of other material is required for such planation activity. Which ingredients are necessities in such activity. In Brief we can say that, Teacher taught full process of plantation activity ...

Know ur Village

Teacher arranged programme for students, parents and villagers. In which, He invited old aged people who were aware about the history of village. Teacher then gave details about school’s history. Principal of school made pictorial of whole history to show all. Through which in brief any one can understand ...

Save Environment

It was june-july month, which is called as Monsoon Season so teacher thought about plantation of some plants for better environment. Teacher made group of students. Every group had seven students. Teacher assigned task of planation to students by guiding them properly. Teacher informed them about environment effects and how ...

Know ur enviornment

Teacher took students to school ground and gave information about various plants and trees. Further arranged picnic for students to Indroda Park, Gandhinagar and teacher gave knowledge about Botany. Students also started reading of books and getting knowledge from internet about botany.

Benefits of Plantation

When teacher joined (20/7/2000) to school he noticed that there were lots of Acacia fence near by school and he thought that it would be possible to grow more trees here. So he decided to do plantation of different trees. Every year, he planted at least five trees. Which made environment ...

Knowledge through live experience

Teacher took students to natural park. There teacher gave them knowledge about various insects and birds. Teacher also described how birds and insects live and have food. Teacher also arrange chart of all information about birds and insects for students.

Creating love for nature in children

Yearly visits were organized to natural spots near the village to teach students to care about nature. On the way back, students would be given instructions on how to write a report on the visit made. Interest in academics and schooling increased as a result of these activites.