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Innovation List

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Awareness for the use of natural resources

As the part of the process, lectures were given to students on the importance of natural resource use and also revealed an importance of reprocessing energy sources. And also, given knowledge about why it needs to decrease use of wood for energy.

Education to Labor tribal children

As students were not able to come to school, teacher visited student’s home and met their parents. He explained them and convinced them to send children to school. For their benefit, teacher arranged baby swings in school so that students who had to take care of their younger brothers ...

Motivating Students for Enrollment

Students were provided school bag kits along with slates, pens and other things on their admission day to grade 1 with the support of Premchand Family and teachers.Target of teachers was to reduce the drop out ratio and to assure students get value education. As a result, students enrollment ratio ...

Enrollment of Student under R.T.E. Act-2009

Shri Malek Mujambil Aaiju transferred with family from bengal to gujarat for business purpose. His son- Faruk Mojambel was studying in std. 2 in Nijampur primary school.the only document he came up with in Gujarat was the copy the transfer certificate which had signature of the principal stating the birthdate 12/2/2000. ...

Reaching out to Devipujaks

Visits were made to the houses of people in the Devipujaks community. Students not enrolled in schools were contacted. Parents were explained the importance of sending children to school. Students enrolled in school for the first time learnt the importance of cleanliness and body hygiene.

Increasing enrollment

Through home visits to parents of existing students, a survey was done of children below 5 in the nearby area. These children were registered and made note of. Thus, all the children in the area could be enrolled in school when they came of age. Enrollment increased as did parent interaction.

Awareness of value of education

Muslim, Bharwad and Chunara parents lived in Ramol village. They were extremely poor and either didn't enrol their children in school or were unaware of the activities taking place there. Various photo and video presentations were shown to increase awareness of education amongst parents and to inform them of the ...

School Chale Hum

The first part involved mobilizing the students to increase enrolment. Students were offered incentives to get the irregular or non-enrolled students to school. These incentives were in the form of books or other such items that they could use in school. Secondly, the help of SMC (School Management Committee) members ...

Increasing enrollment

For this, the teacher went door-to-door to meet the parents and invited them for a meeting in school. Next, he went door-to-door and got pictures clicked of parents as well as children. Parents were invited for the Praveshotsav. Along with the invitation, parents were given a copy of their family's ...

Dropouts between grade 6-8

A valedictory ceremony was organized for 8th grade students passing out. This was to awaken a feeling of pride in them on passing out from school. It was also meant to inspire other students to study till 8th grade.The parents, SMC members, Panchayat members, Sarpanch and the CRC officials ...