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to give understanding about fraction number

For Student to learn fraction number easily, which work had been done is as follows - Example 1-we know that 1 Rupee= 100 Paisa , so 10 Paisa is 1/10 of 1 Rupee. 25 Paisa is 1/4 of 1 rupee. 20 Paisas=1/10 Rs+ 1/10 Rs= 2/10 Rs. 2 coins of 10 Paisas equals to 20 paisa. Example 2- as from discuss above example we can ...

Live examples

To give understanding about unit, decade and values of mathematics, teacher did experiment. Teacher called three students and instruct them to stand in one row by having their face infront of classroom. Teacher instruct others to have board and pen in their hand. Teacher now gave names to three students. ...

Concept clarity in mathematics

The students who were too weak, teacher made group of such students. Teacher started with digits like 1 to 100. Then teacher taught them how to do plus and minus. After basics, teacher taught them multiplication and division. Then step by step teacher taught them 1 x 1 = 1 ?? 10 x 1 = 10. Teacher’s motto was to ...

Combnination of TLM and Group activity

Teacher used TLM method to teach 1 to 100 digits to students. Teacher assign task to write and speak the digits. Teacher made group of clever students. Teacher assign task to clever students to keep eyes on other students. Group of clever students kept eyes on other students as well as they ...

Mathematics is Interesting

Teacher gave personal attention to all students. Teacher seat with them. Teacher taught them How to do plus, minus, multiplication and division in sums. Teacher gave home-work also. Teacher taught them chronology.

Repetiotion is best method

Topics which had been done in classroom were repetitively taught to them for further consolidation. Students did study with interest which enhance their mental capacity. In beginning of the lecture, teacher asked questions relating to previous topics done in the classroom. Through repetition activity, students memory power got increased. Teacher ...

Use of Viewer bar

Teacher used viewer bar (viewer stick ) to show and teach them big digits of mathematics.

Learning through Group activity

In standard second, those students who were weak in mathematics, teacher made one group of such students and those students whose mathematics was good, teacher made another group of such students. Then, teacher assign task to clever students to teach weak students. Apart from school, clever students in group went ...

learning with singing

To remove such problem of non-remembering tables of maths, teacher started experiment. After lunch break of students, teacher called them at one place. When all students were together, teacher told them to speak tables very loudly. All students together sung tables very loudly. Through this way students were enjoying the ...

Mathematics with hand

Teacher taught in simple way that, if you start from your right hand and the first digit of right hand side is called unit. Move to second digit, its called Tens and third digit is called Hundred.