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Innovation List

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Firstly Teachers started to aware parents regarding what is the importance of education in society. Teachers removed parent’s misconception regarding education system by meeting the mpersonally. They spared awareness about Government benefits for girls. In this way teachers motivated to parents and girls for education.

Increasing attendance during mid-day meal.

A number of students came from poor background and could not afford to buy plates. Thus, they couldn't eat the mid-day meal. Teacher convened a meeting at a dairy near the school, where other teachers and students were invited. Here, she explained the situation to her colleagues and to representatives ...

Running Tent School

Teacher set up tents at white deserts and started educating students at the working site of their parents. This activity is being continued in the months of november to may. Students now get an education without any break.

Mobilizing resources for school welfare

The school committee met with ONGC officials and spoke to them about their requirments. ONGC agreed to give the school a grant to be utilised for installing a RO machine in school for clean water as well as to buy sports equipment and teaching aids for the class. As a ...

Resource mobilisation through NRIs

With the help of donors, different kinds of books including novels, short stories, picture stories etc. were procured. These were donors based outside India, who also helped in providing benches, rooms and also aided in the creation of a play-centre. Because of their poor economic condition, the students could not ...

Fund mobilization for students

The teacher tried to know the condition of students by being constantly in touch with students and parents. She mobilized funds through donors in the village. The people of the village started giving old clothes and other things which could be used by the students. From that fund, Tithi Bhojan ...

Field visits funded by donors

The teacher contacted the eminent citizens of the village and told them about the project. They contributed generously. Other citizens of the village also contributed as much as they could. Through this money, the teacher was able to organize a field trip for the students to famous sanctuaries, ancient heritage ...