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Innovation List

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3D video theatre

Students were went to Science city for watching documentary movie. We know about that it can be done at school level. after that we collect information to start this at school.Blue Ray 3D glasses had been purchased by school for students. And after that 3D video had been downloaded ...

Science lab and demonstration of Mathematical science

A Science lab being developed, in which contains so many scientific models and instrument to do experiments, in 2012-13, Mathematical-Science model was selected for district level competition,

Perform the experiments and know the science

Teacher conducts this activity in standards 6, 7 and 8. First of all, students were given some simple experiments, which could be performed by themselves. Students could understand the concept when they performed the experiments by themselves. For ex., students could understand that the air occupies space by performing the related experiment by ...

Digitalization of science chapters

To make science very interesting subject to learn, every content of science was shown through video clips in computers. All unit information and photos were installed in computers. Students present it on their own by using it. Digitization of paper work project turned out to be successful which resulted into ...

Students absence

To reduce the irregularity among students, teacher conducted programme of practicle exposure to the science chapters. Puddles of the water, barks of the tree and other geographical areas were practicaly shown according to their local environmental position and culture. Interventional Overview helped students get the concept.

Winning qualities

In activity he took a solid cover and then he connected positive pole on battery on one side and a bulb on the other side. After that he wrapped another wire on battery. If he connected two wires then it became complete. When two wires touched, bulb lights up automatically.

Live Model

Students were finding maths and science concepts very hard.Teachers prepared a live model of the difficult concepts to make learning with fun like showing models banks and biological and abiotic waste . Videos were shown to them whose models were not available. Story telling of maths and science concepts helped ...

Practical application of Science concepts

There was a chapter on modern agriculture in the Science textbook. This chapter had concepts such as net house, gravel, culture etc. To explain this practically, the teacher took the students to see a net house. Here they learnt about sprinklers, drip irrigation and even got a demonstration at the ...

Creating child scientists

Teacher wanted to make students aware that science is a practical subject. For this, she made a list of all the scientific equipments mentioned in the book. She brought all the equipments to class and demonstrated their usage and gave information about them. After this, studens were encouraged to pick ...

Learning through experiments

To increase retention, the teacher tried to teach each concept through experiments. It was also ensured that these experiments were done by students on their own. The necessary equipments were procured either through the schools or the students would get together and procure them. Thus, students were inspired to do ...