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Practicle Exposure of Social science learning

To Show a live example of Social Science, teacher brought students to the Court. Before that he parted students in three teams. Then with permission he took them inside the court, He asked the first team to note down behaviour of convict and the way he answered the questions. To ...

Save water

Every morning during the assembly, the importance of water would be explained to the students by the teacher. Further, each day, one student would read out a maxim on the importance of saving water. This reduced the wastage of water by the students.

Information about the President

First, the teachers gave the students information about the President of India. She gave them information on how the President was elected, eligibility of becoming a President, role as well as powers. Then, the students were told to gather information on the President. They started getting paper cuttings and photos ...

Enhancing knowledge of own geography

Students do not have proper knowledge of their own village, district or nation. Hence, teacher provided full information on thw same during social science class. Questions based on that knowledge were asked after 2 months. Most of the students were able to answer the questions.

Project work for social science

Teacher conducted different projects on topics like providing information on history of freedom fighters, information on sculptures, process of assembly election, geographical events information and also instructed students to discuss on current topics.

Audio-visual aids for social science

Teacher used various audio-visual aids to make the subject interesting. He downloaded 5000 photos, 50 videos and audio files related to each of the topics given in the textbook. He also downloaded information on related topics in order to improve the students' general knowledge. All the images contained an information in Gujarati ...

Conserving the Environment

One of the students named Premkumar Raval was a nature lover and he would take care of the trees, plants in the school through gardening. Looking at his involvement in preserving the school garden, the teacher decided to honour hiim. For this, the collector was invited and the student was ...

Tree naming project

A lot of trees existed in the school compound but students and parents were unaware of the names of these trees. The school staff decided to put up boards next to each tree, indicating their name. To prepare nameplate, aluminium from old oil cans was used. The name on the ...

Knowing the map

To make students understand the geography and social science, they were given world map. they made a list of famous cities, countries and states in a page. By this act, if students look for any famous place in the note and then check it on the map, they could easily ...

Field visits to learn about different professions

First the teacher prepared a chart of different professions and related tools. The teacher made the students sing rhymes on professions and tools. After this, visits were arranged to the houses and workplaces of a tailor, doctor, cowherd, carpenter, shopkeeper, bricklayer etc. Here the students got an opportunity to see ...