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Innovation List

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Appointment of Experts

Students of Std-6 & 8 didn't stay unaware of the main subject like Maths, Science and English. When I joined the school I was alone for teaching in STD 6 & 8. So many teachers were coming and go. So I went to the Principal and told him to use teachers of another school for ...

Let yourself, learn yourself

By Making Standard-Wise, Subject-Wise, Topics-Wise making of TLM and.

prayer programme and education through techonolgy

This innovative experiment consists of the following: - 1) Full assembly been organized using audio; 2) Use of audio-video for poetry, tales and prayers; 3) use of power point presentation to teach topics or use of VCD; 4) Some topics of Language and Mathematics are also being taught using VCD.

Active education

First of all; we were given some projects to students in order to make them take an interest in books. The students prepared some models by themselves. The models are kept in the school. The students enjoyed these activities; and the teachers could successfully create an interest for the subjects ...

Removing Gender Bias

As there was a gender bias prevailing in school, no activity could be successful. To overcome this situation, teachers made a common class for boys and girls from lower primary grades only so that they don't feel shy in upper primary classes. Both girls and boys were assigned to work ...

Creating awareness towards girls' education

Teacher visited their homes, met to parents and explained the importance of education to girl's, one's life and advantages to society etc. Help of village heads and other people for Girl's education was taken.100% Enrollment was registered. Parents meetings- M.T.A./P.T.A. was formed. Schemes like Vidhyalaxmi ...

Girls absence

Girl students of grades 6 to 8 were continuously living absent in the class. Hence teacher made a list of girls who were irregular and visited them personally and even asked to teachers and parents to find out their personal and public problems to provide proper guidence.

Teaching self-defense

To teach self-defense to girls, a camp was organized, which was made possible due to a government grant. This camp was oranized for students of grades 5-8 as well as for the female teachers. Students were taught various steps of Karate along with the corresponding noises to be made. The ...

Self-defense program

The self-defense program was directed towards girls studying in grade 8. Every 15 days, a Karate class was organized after school hours where the girls would learn from boys who went for Karate coaching. Other students were also allowed to participate in this program. Even ex-students of the school helped in this ...

Women's day

Women's day was organized on 8/3/2013,with the agenda of improving girls education,to solve girl child labor problem and to guide them to give in every opportunity to develop the Girl child. Experts of this field were invited. Cultural events were also organized. Daily attendance, retention performance on school test ...