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Use just dial number for educational tour management

For this year...our school had organiged an educational tour at out side gujarat.we all managed this tour very well.for this we call to just dial 08888888888 for organised all the tour facilities out side gujarat.in mount Abu and Ambaji ,we arrange all the facilities in tour for ...

Inculcating good values

During any ceremony or event in school, the students would prepare cards and write positive thoughts on each of them. These cards were given to the guests at these ceremonies. Students try to find different quotes on their own.

Gandhiji's ideals

A number of organisations test the knowledge of Gandhiji's principles.The teacher guided the students in preparing for the exams and also encouraged them. Through various books, the teacher helped the students get a sense of Gandhiji's life. The preparation for this was carried out after school or on Sundays. ...

Providing knowledge of sanitation

As students used to be very untidy, teacher conducted parents meetings to create awareness of cleanliness and health related activites were initiated like singing songs of cleanliness. Student coming to school neat and tidy was being appreciated and committees were also formed to ensure tidiness in students.

Re-use Plastic

The teacher instructed students to make things like tablecloth,handbag,purse,jacket,box,candle stand,life jacket,etc. out of the waste

Making students regular

There was gulf near to school campus and students were interested in fishing. So he made a team of students and gave them drum to play, he asked them to bring the other students who bunked class and went near to gulf. So team played drum with and went to ...

Gift of tree

Teacher asked the students to grow trees in their courtyard or in their farm.He asked them to give gift of trees after 5 years. For that they had to grow tree in present and should take care for the upcoming five years and students enthusiasticly took the responsibility of it. ...

Value Education Campaign

Teacher had accepted different way to teach students. In which he used self made tools, charts, innovative ideas to teach them, to maintain their interest in studies. 2) visited to villager's home individually; explained them the importance of living hygiene and cleanliness & provided enough guidance & suggestions on it. 3) For addiction problem, ...

Teaching cleanliness

An electric haircuttng machine was procured for all the schools, the CRC was in charge of. This machine was user friendly and teachers would use it to cut the hair of students who needed a haircut on an ongoing basis. Soon, students were trained to use it and each student ...