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Innovation Title : Activity-based learning: Creation of a learning space outside school

Description - To enable activity-based learning in the face of space constraints in the classroom, create an activity corner in a space outside school.    1. Identify a space outside but close to school that can be used as an activity corner. 2. Involve the community in cleaning the identified space. 3. Involve the girl students and women of the village in transforming the floor of the space with the use of wet soil, clay and rangoli colours and traditional patterns. 4. Put up a slogan about reading to encourage students to read. 5. Next to the slogan, put up paintings drawn by children. 6. Cut up old plastic cans and use them as containers for books. 7. Keep different level books in the plastic cans. 8. Arrange a space in the activity corner for students to play carom and chess. 9. Conduct activities related to the curriculum in the activity corner. This can include experiments, creation of models, etc.   Creation of a space for activity-based learning outside school develops creative thinking as well as a spirit of enquiry amongst students. It also questions the notion that learning can happen only within the classroom by creating a non-formal school near the formal school. This concept can be extended to other areas of the village which can be used as sites of learning— for instance, a nearby forest, wetland, lake, etc.   “When children are asked about the kinds of spaces they like, very often they want to be in a place that is colourful, friendly and peaceful, with lots of open space offering with small nooks and corners, animals, plants, flowers, trees and toys. ”- NCF    



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