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Innovation Title : Activity-based learning: Use of Dramas to learn Sanskrit

Description -

To enable students to gain confidence as well as understand Sanskrit in its true context, guide them to learn through enactment of dialogues given in the chapters. 

1. After explaining the chapter, allocate different dialogues from the chapter to each student.

2. Ask students to prepare these dialogues for a drama on the chapter the next day.

3. Create paper masks for different characters and hand them to the students playing these characters.

4. Guide students to enact the dialogues in the chapter through a drama.

5. Explain the chapter through the dialogues enacted by the students.

"Role-playing and dialogue delivery help students develop their communication skills, sense of creativity and inter-personal skills."





  • 1.Pinkiben Gopalbhai Patel
    02 Mar 2017 ,11:09:40

    Role playing is develope students inner skills.we can also use finger puppets and teaching lesson


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