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Innovation Title : Activity-based learning: Use of dramas as a mode of teaching

Description -

 To develop confidence amongst students and an ability to demonstrate their learnings, facilitate the enactment of dramas as a mode of learning language content.

1. In the context of Project Pragna and application-based learning, teach chapters to grade 3 and 4 students with the use of dramas

2. Prepare a list of characters based on the chapter.

3. Allocate these characters to different students.

4. Allocate corresponding dialogues to the students.

5. Give students time to prepare and practice the dialogues.

6. Arrange for the necessary costumes.

7. Have students enact the drama in front of the class.

8. Explain the chapter through a discussion of the drama with the students.

"Enactment of dramas based on chapters develops a form of comprehension, which is a higher-level skill than just retaining knowledge and writing it on tests. Dramas also provide opportunities to students to work in teams, which builds up their collaborative skills."





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