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Innovation Title : Experiential learning in Science

Description - To enable experiential and application-based learning in Science, set up a Science Lab in school and give students opportunities to conduct experiments on their own.    1. Prepare a detailed list of experiments to be done by children throughout the year, based on the textbooks and other reference materials. Work with teachers in the school, other schools as well as NGOs in the education space to prepare this list. 2. Prepare a list of equipments required based on the experiments. 3. Raise funds from different organizations and donors for purchasing the equipments. 4. Select two students each from Grade 5, 6 and 7 as Science Assistants and involve them in the setting up of the Science Lab. Also give them the responsibility of upkeep of the lab and its equipments. 5. Demonstrate each scientific principle and concept through experiments in the Science Lab. 6. After demonstrating each experiment, guide students to conduct experiments on their own. 7. Organize a science exhibition for students to demonstrate what they have learnt throughout the year. For this: a) Select a group of students to be a part of the organizing team. b) Guide the organizing team to brainstorm on different issues to be covered in the exhibition and to arrive at a theme. c) Based on the theme, put up pictures, charts and posters of experiments and scientific concepts. d) Invite parents and students from the organizing school as well as other schools  or the exhibition. e) Guide students to demonstrate and explain different experiments at the exhibition.   Learning through experiments helps students understand the application of science in real life. This leads to an increase in interest levels in the subject as well as a more conceptual understanding of the principles being taught.      



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