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Innovation Title : Technology-aided learning: Enhanced understanding of scientific concepts

Description - To enable students to learn conceptually as well as to pick up technological competencies, teach them with the help of technology and enable them to use technology as well for independent learning.    1. Explain each concept of Science through use of videos and pictures. 2. Download pictures, videos and information related to different science concepts from the  net. Store this on the computer in the classroom as well as the computers in the lab. 3. Guide students to access the information about Science on the computer. 4. Teach students to prepare presentations on the computer. 5. Divide students into groups. 6. Give them a project to prepare a presentation on the computer using the downloaded resources.   Preparing presentations on the computer will have a two-fold benefit for the students: 1. It is a form of application-based learning, which enables students to apply their concepts as well as builds communication skills. 2. It builds technological competencies in them, which is a crucial 21st century-skill.   “The creative potential of the computer, and the liberating potential of the internet, can only be unleashed when we actively make these kinds of demands of these technologies. The students of the future should be oriented to this possibility.”- NCERT      



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