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Innovation Title : Value education and development of problem-solving skills

Description - 1. Create a ‘Tobacco Control’ Committee, consisting of 8th grade tests (You can even include 6th and 7th grade students in the Committee, if need be) 2. Organize different activities through the ‘Tobacco Control’ Committee   

  • Inform students about the benefits of tobacco control in India. Tell them about the clause which prohibits the selling of tobacco and its products to people less than 18 years of age.
  • Create working models of Lifethreatening diseases like Cancer, Asthma, Heart ailments and demonstrate the harmful effects of tobacco on human body parts like throat, mouth, hair, eyes, skin etc.
  • Create puppets of doctor, patient, nurse etc. out of waste and use them to spread awareness.
  • Organize drawing, elocution, exhibition, workshop, quiz, drama etc. on the theme of ‘Harmful effects of Tobacco’.
  • Guide students to create banners such as ‘Tobacco-free school’, ‘We are the future of India’. Hang up these banners in school as well as in strategic places  in the village

3. Raise funds with the help of the SMC members to aid those suffering from tobacco-caused diseases.

4. Organize rallies to create awareness regarding tobacco-caused diseases and their treatments.

5. Organize an exhibition to showcase the benefits of quitting tobacco.

Developing and leading an awareness campaign builds up problem-solving skills as well as helps students internalise the message that they are spreading awareness about.

“Problem-solving skills are essential to deal with demands of everyday life.”-NCF






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