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Innovation Title : Visual cues to increase alphabet recognition

Description - To increase alphabet recognition amongst students, allocate alphabet cards to students to wear around their neck.    1. Create alphabet cards for each alphabet. 2. On the floor, create large circles and write alphabets inside them. 3. Attach the card to a long string and give one card to each student to wear around their neck. 4. Guide the students to sit next to the alphabet allocated to them. 5. Each day, give the students a different card to wear around their neck.   "Use of visual cues enables increased understanding of the shapes of the alphabets and enhances students’ ability to recognize them. Alphabet recognition is a crucial skill in developing an understanding of the language being learnt."    



  • 1.Soham patel
    26 Nov 2016 ,01:12:59

    Good idea... of alphabet .......Raghubhai Vasoya

  • 2.Minesh Patel
    03 Aug 2016 ,12:08:02

    Playing with shape of alphabets. Drawing of alphabet in shape. Preparing clay toys of alphabets. Listening of pronounce of alphabets.


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