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Innovation Title : Developing a spirit of enquiry and higherorder thinking

Description - To develop a spirit of enquiry and higher-order thinking amongst students, design a general knowledge quiz for students in the ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ format.    1. Compile a list of questions from across subjects and topics such as Gujarati, Science and Technology, Mental Aptitude. 2. Categorize the questions, according to the ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ format, with a value being attached to each question. For instance, an easy question would be Rs. 1000, a very difficult question would be Rs 50 lakh and so on. 3. Add four options to each question. 4. Feed the questions into a MS-PowerPoint file. 5. Design a main page on PowerPoint, with links to different categories of questions. 6. Assemble students of one grade level or one class in a room and explain the rules of the game to them. 7. Offer three helplines to each student playing the game. 8. Project the questions onto a screen. 9. Give each student a chance to answer questions individually.   Enhanced general-knowledge gives students the opportunity to see the interrelationships between topics cutting across subject boundaries. The ability to see the connections between different topics develops higher-order thinking and analytical skills.   “General Awareness needs to be promoted amongst children. “ - National Curriculum Framework          



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