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Cricket in the class room

This is concept of quiz Bt in cricket thime Get Best result after game

Introduction to advance equipments and instruments of Maths and Science

The teacher started to introduce the advanced equipments with the help of pictures and posters. For ex., they explained the washing machine and its work by showing its picture. The students came to know about these equipments. The teacher explained other equipments like microwave, various types of phones, pager, mixer, ...


In this experiment, teachers are collecting some extra knowledge from out sides magazines; and they give these information to students. Students are also brought newspapers cuttings. By these students are getting more information beyond their syllabus.

Developing through reading

Parents wanted to send their children to school early. So that they could go to their work early. So children come to school early at 9 o'clock and made more study in this extra hour at school.

To give understanding about fraction number

In this experiment first of all we made a list of all parents who are either illiterate or don't able to give signature when we needed. After that we said to students that whenever they get free time, then they can teach their parents how to make a signature. The ...

Stop brakfast pf junk food's

With the help of school's staff all children are move towards the healthy food instead of junk food. Student's lunch-box is checking every day. Class teachers are also taking note that, their students are not eating junk foods. Parents are also given cooperate in this experiment.

Increase Self-confidence of students

Give the student an opportunity to present themselves by providing an incentive, apply Star schema, to present original ideas at prayer meeting. Organize some debate topic. Organize a group discussion.

Guidance about health

While inspection of student’s health, teacher came to know that students had malnutrition and anemia disease. Teacher wanted to remove such disease of students. Teacher arranged a meeting of parents and students. Teacher called to a nurse in a school to guide parents and students about such disease that ...

Make students extroword

One students named Manan was too much introword. However he was interested to see animals, birds, trees, river, flowers on the way to school. He sometimes did examination of some trees and flowers. Once teacher saw his book and noticed that Manan was doing too good paining in his books. ...

Teaching through fun activites

Students who were taking admission in first standard to them we taught Nursery rhyme, Jingles, games, drawings as well as made them able to identity shapes, environment, flowers, leafs continuously for four weeks. After that from fifth week, to recognize alphabetic, we took sand board in which they flipped their ...