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Innovation List

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Increase Self-confidence of students

Give the student an opportunity to present themselves by providing an incentive, apply Star schema, to present original ideas at prayer meeting. Organize some debate topic. Organize a group discussion.

Stop brakfast pf junk food's

With the help of school's staff all children are move towards the healthy food instead of junk food. Student's lunch-box is checking every day. Class teachers are also taking note that, their students are not eating junk foods. Parents are also given cooperate in this experiment.

To give understanding about fraction number

In this experiment first of all we made a list of all parents who are either illiterate or don't able to give signature when we needed. After that we said to students that whenever they get free time, then they can teach their parents how to make a signature. The ...

Developing through reading

Parents wanted to send their children to school early. So that they could go to their work early. So children come to school early at 9 o'clock and made more study in this extra hour at school.


In this experiment, teachers are collecting some extra knowledge from out sides magazines; and they give these information to students. Students are also brought newspapers cuttings. By these students are getting more information beyond their syllabus.

Introduction to advance equipments and instruments of Maths and Science

The teacher started to introduce the advanced equipments with the help of pictures and posters. For ex., they explained the washing machine and its work by showing its picture. The students came to know about these equipments. The teacher explained other equipments like microwave, various types of phones, pager, mixer, ...

Kaun Banega Crorepati

To shape the development graph of children, Inter school competition of general knowledge was organized at a cluster level with the help of software. 2) 15 questions were asked & cash price ranged from Rs. 5 to Rs. 500 3) Parents and SMC members were invited 4)In the next phase, competition was organised at a block ...

Computerization of study materials.

To make students techno friendly, Teacher explained different usage of computer and the ways it could be useful in. He cultivated interest of typing with the help of different games and explained how to learn different words through computer. Files of the questions and spellings were to be saved by ...

Developing School website

To create a website, information of history of the school, profile of students and teachers, activities carried by students in school and photographs were collected and wesite was created. Every year this website gets updated and other schools also check the activities running throughout the year. Name of the website ...

Providing Computer knowledge

To provide computer knowledge,teacher with the help of co-teacher provided basic computer knowledge right from how to use programmes and how to start and shut it down to students of grade 8. After learning this, students of grade 8 started teaching to other students in absence of the teacher.