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Innovation List

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public contact and publicity by technology

so i decided to highlight and published our work and students talent threw technology. i decided to make facebook page of our school and make some activities videos and upload on youtube.

live social science

After that problem i am decided do give them new things and way of teaching. so firstly i am make friendly and homely atmosphere arond them and easy easy know theirs interest and thinking. after that from you tube and other sources i took different type of videos and films ...

efficient time use through youtube channel video name

I observed students injuries in recess time . so. I used YouTube video. Through my laptop.content based on animation of story which posses lesson of moral values and good habit .

Khand parichay Australia, Antarktika

" Students have problems studies this unit finding the same place and reminds thair names like state name , lake name, sp. Places and we are useing with different way. Learning with media and with animation and useing youtube videos. Students loved to study with ICT method and help to recite the ...

Smart Learning through Smartphone and Smart Television

An idea click on my I shall use smartphone as a tool of learning but there was problem that screen of smartphone is smaller so I bought smart television and do screen mirroring and use many android application of learning.I use hello English application for language learning and some ...

Smart learning through smart television

Smart learning through smart television and smart phone, I use smart television as tool of learning English language I use android application like Hello English and other like word games and also took Quiz games for evaluation and also send marks to parents and also discuss their progess report with ...