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Innovation List

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Latest technology in education

Information about different chapters were given through the use of technology in the classrom, using a projector. Students are explained about each topic in an extensive manner through the use of technology. Animations, dramas, cultural programs, subject videos etc were shown to students. Even the BISAG program proved to be ...

Clean and green school campus

The campus was cleaned regularly and there was a focus on cleanliness even amongst the teachers and the students. The walls were painted and inspirational images were drawn onto them. In the campus, a garden was created and respect for nature was awakened amongst the students. A number of flowers ...

Improving school infrastructure

It was decided to create a prayer hall with the support of donors. On the occasion of the School Foundation Day, the school invited people from organisations in the GIDC area. These people were honoured at the ceremony. All the potential donors were told about the requirements of the school. ...

Raising donation for borewell

Through partnership with the villagers, Rs. 20,000 were raised. With this money, a borewell was dug and a submersible motor was put in. A water tank was installed. Next, a garden was created and toilet facilities were made available.

Improving school infrastructure

The Rotary club gifted a high-tech water filter that enabled 255 students to get drinking water and also ensured that clean water was used in the cooking of the mid-day meal scheme.

My class

Efforts were made to make the classrooms child-friendly. For this a library was set up wherein students could take books that interested them. There was a notice board in class wherein information on upcoming tests, birthdays, news as welll as information on India was put up. Further, files of student ...

Toxic free vegetables

To stop the usage of these toxic chemicals, vegetables such as Brinjal, tomato, lady's finger, coriander etc were planted on a patch of land in the school compound itself. These vegetables were then used to prepare the mid-day meal. This whole activity was managed by the girl students of Grade 8.

Smart class in 8th std.

In the 8th grade class in school, laptops were given to all the students to enable one-on-one learning and teaching. The teacher could access all the student laptops through her laptop and see all the programs being run on their laptops. Students were allowed to take the laptops home once ...

Smart School project

Funds were raised to procure LCD TVs for each class, along with a client computer. A computer lab was also created, with 15 equipped computers. All these computers were connected via a local area network. A software was installed onto all the computers. This software contained information on all the chapters ...

Creating of water bag from waste materials

There was a shortage of cold water in the school. The teacher decided to create a water bag to resolve the problem. For this, she gathered used bottles that had been thrown away. These bottles had a capacity of 500 ml and 1.5 litres. Bright paper was used to cover the 500ml ...