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enroll child in government schools

We organized 'Vali Sammelan' to solve the above problem with the help of SMC in the village. In which we discussed about Educational and Extracurricular activities performing during the year and also showed some models of extra activities. This program was held in 'Patel Wadi'.

Treating Specially abled child well

The Principal gave special attention to the student, by making him sit in his office. Here, he would teach him patiently and also help his physical development by making him do certain simple exercises. A lot of simple office tasks were given to the specially-abled student. This increased his confidence ...

Helping Differently Abled Student

The teacher contacted a doctor to help the student overcome her stammering.

Differentiated learning experience for weak students

With the help of the class teachers, a list was made of all the students who struggled to concentrate in class. Their parents were contacted and their permission was taken to teach these students separately in a special class. Then, the teacher mobilised the intelligent students, experienced parents as well ...

I am also one of you

The teacher decided to give responsibility to the students to take care of the student with polio. These tasks were to take him for the assembly, to help him eat, take him to the toilet. These responsibiities were given to two new students everyday based on roll numbers. Slowly, the ...

Teaching slow learners

The teacher and his colleagues decided to focus on slow learners in the third unit. Classes were split up based on levels wherein high level students were in one class and slow learners were in another class. This made it easy to focus on the slow learners. The teacher taught ...