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Maths–Science, Social Science and Language Quiz

(1) Focus area of innovation :- School level, Cluster level, Block level, and District level. (2) Duration of innovation :- From 2012 till Today (3) Where was this innovation implemented? School level to district level (4) Narrative account of innovation:- First of all we give question papers to the students of std. 6 to 8. After ...

learn write to paper

There are student writing their paper with answer it is not properly so I take lectures and taught them by practical demo about attempt paper.

Effective education in Pragna classes

The school has Pragna classes in 1 to 4 standards. There are 80 students studying under the teacher's guidance. The teacher is trying to teach the curves of Gujarati alphabets and digits to the student effectively in an innovative manner. She conducts a reading activity every day in the class. The teacher says ...

We can do it

Under this experiment; To bring up weaker students who are weak at learn . For this; students use library.

Books are true friends

We started an experiment, in which students take one book which one is their favorite and give a presentation on it in the classroom. After this experiment, students are attracted to read books.

Healty food/ Ragularity of student in school

Most of the students were taken outside food at break time. so to aware them about nutrition of food and not to take outside food in break time staff has started to take session about nutritious food. And also they check lunchbox of student's during break time. After some time ...

Encourage child's unique spirit.

By recognizing the talent of kids for music. Task of singing and Tablawadan are given to them. They can be a future star. By giving them a task for Acting their interest is increasing towards it and The power of acting thrive. Students are expert in horticulture work and they ...

Question - Answer Activity

Students of standard first to eight were feeling shy to answer the questions as well as had a problem to remember the answers. Teacher did an experiment. Every student according to their turns in week have to stand in a group. In group, teacher asked questions relating to different subjects ...

Eco friendly documents for Presentation

To solve the question of wastage, teacher thought to use computer system. For standard 1 to 8, teacher prepared 150 or more TLM (in Flexbeners sized 24 x36 by upward and downward sides similar to maps) and sent it to near by schools by nominal charge of amount. Further prepared study Curriculum for students (...

Science and GK quiz

The teacher wanted students of 7th grade to gain confidence in answering questions related to Science. First, he gave them different kinds of questions related to science and technology. Next, a list of General Knowledge questions was given to the students to learn. Then, students were divided into teams for ...